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Reasons to Adopt Electronic Health Records There have been a lot of changes in the health industry. Some of the changes in health care are destined to have effects on the consumers. One of the significant changes is the development of electronic health records. An electronic health record is a record of individuals in an electronic format that is digital and can be shared confidentially and securely across the numerous healthcare settings like the offices of doctors and hospitals. The documents are stored in therapy documentation program or treatment documentation software. The data can be radiology images, immunization status, lab test results and medical history. All health providers are invited to embrace electronic health records as a way of improving quality, safety, access, and efficacy. Just like any other record keeping, moving the records of patients from paper filing systems to computers creates great efficiencies.
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There are many reasons for the consumers to embrace electronic health records. One of them is being able to get better care. This enable health choice to be made after a patient’s listing is available to more than one physician. There are patients who proceed to primary care to experts to hospital and back to primary care. The doctors can be able to send the patients’ medical records to each other. When the data is shared a doctor just needs to inquire the name and birthdate of a patient for him to access health records. Diagnosis and therapy will be dependent on the information that is found in the documents.
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There are better efficiencies because information is accessed easily. There’ll not be a requirement for patients to replicate tests that are uncomfortable and expensive. This saves time, makes it easy for the patients and reduces the costs for everyone. This is a kind of standardization and organization. While health records are accessible paper files could be lost. The electronic records allow better standardization throughout the health care system in record keeping because it provides a uniform way of filling out information. This makes it easy for nurses and doctors to find the information they need of a patient. This also, ensures accuracy when it’s time to bill a patient for the services. This is also a way of keeping up with all our mobile society. When a person is ill or injured when away from home, electronic health records can be magnified. When a person moves across the country, their electronic health record can easily move with them. In the instance of a doctor moving or retiring, a person does not have to be worried about tracking down records. There are electronic health records that allow patients access. This is to a secure website on the internet. The patient will be able to learn about the results of tests and other important information depending on their medical records. By these means, the patients, and their health providers can speak directly.

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