5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health – 

#1: Keep Right On Adding Those Extra Pounds: So what if you are 20 to 50 pounds over your ideal body weight? You can still find clothes and furniture to fit, right? And all of those health studies were funded by diet food companies.

Health Tip: Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is hugely influential in your overall health. It should be 23 or less for your ideal body weight. Any higher than that and you are setting yourself up for aging diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, as well as reduced energy.

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

#2: Continue Eating Your American Fast-Food Diet: There is not enough time to eat a healthy diet, and besides, fatty and fried foods taste better. Only old people have the age-related degenerative diseases I hear about, like skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Health Tip: The U. S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent food pyramid shows we must eat 9-10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. 5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health. By eating these healthy natural antioxidant rich foods we can prevent cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, and prevent diabetes.

#3: Eat Only 1-2 Servings of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Daily: I don’t have time for them and they don’t taste good anyway. Fruits and vegetables are boring.

Health Tip: Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant foods that support enzyme and immune function. There are over 354, 000 studies linking antioxidants and good health. Antioxidants are valuable in increased energy and degenerative disease prevention.

#4: Avoid Taking Dietary Supplements: I don’t have time for them, they are expensive, and besides, there are millions of them. How do I know if any of them work?

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health

Health Tip: You can now have your body antioxidant levels scanned quickly and painlessly in your own home using a proven, award-winning scientific test. The scan results will determine how your level of anti-aging and how well you are protecting against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, periodontal gum disease, and other degenerative diseases. Then you can see how well a more healthy lifestyle such as improved diet, lower stress, and dietary supplements are working.

#5: Our Aging is All Determined by Our Genetics: Just because someone looks 7 years younger than they actually are, it is all in their genes. There is nothing I can do to stop aging.

Health Tip: There are nutritional supplements designed by science learned during the recently completed Human Genome Project. 5 Ways to Mess Up Your Health. These groundbreaking dietary supplements have been proven to reset anti-aging genes to increase youthful energy, health, and age-related diseases. In many cases, aging processes can even be reversed.

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