Acne laser treatment – an up-to-date method of pimples removal!

If you have any kind of acne do not despair or let the things drift. Before saying “yes” to cosmetic acne treatment first check what you have “insight”. Very often there are situations when bowels and pimples on the face are connected ass slaggy gastrointestinal tract can reflect on the skin appearance causing inflammations, bad skin color and hypodermic pimples. In such a case you might need a consultation with a qualified dietitian to form your diet and bowls cleaning.

Before laser acne treatment. Many roads, but one right way!

No doubt that you have already tried many cosmetic remedies which are broadly advertised as miracle cure from acne in a week. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of pimples by yourself with the help of antiinflammatory drugs. So don’t waste your money and start doing real steps to cure your acnes. And remember that only professional cosmetologists can help you with it.

The most common way of acne treatment is laser therapy. Due to this method thousands of people all over the world happily cured their skin from epidermis affection and now can be proud of their perfect skin. With the help of laser acne treatment you can get back health to your skin. Positive effect of such treatment was proven clinically.

Why laser acne treatment is so effective?

  • No contact. Laser beam exert soft influence from a special tip upon the skin . Great sterility is preserved.
  • Safety. During the procedure laser influences only small parts of the skin affected by acne.
  • Painlessness. The treatment is comfortable enough and does not arouse any discomfort from pain.
  • Quickness. Positive results are seen after the first session of the therapy.
  • Beside acne removal, laser will clean the skin from post-acne, scars, enlarged pores and other unpleasant consequences.
  • Laser light positively affects all skin layers and improves its immunity.
  • Long lasting result. After taking necessary length laser acne treatment you can be sure in the fact that it will not recur in the same type.

Laser affects all types of acne at all stages and favorable effect ensues after the first session. Every next session positive effect consolidates. After the treatment the skin will redden but in a couple of hours you will notice noticeable improvements because laser treatment has no aftereffects. As a result pores condense, skin relief gets smoother, the source of acne is eliminated – pores obstruction and reproduction of bacteria and fungus organisms. Cells which cover oil gland duct start working normally and sterile conditions renovate in the duct. Esthetic side of acne treatment is usually seen after the first week of procedures.


As any kind of treatment laser one has its own contra-indications:

  • Diabetis
  • Pregnancy period
  • Oncological skin diseases

Also it is highly recommended to abstain from the treatment while taking photosensitizing drugs, herpes in acute stage and after the suntan.

Acne laser treatment can be used at any age. The most frequent patients of laser cosmetology are teenagers. Effect of the treatment remains visible during the first 6-10 month. After taking the necessary course you will feel much prettier and confident.

Written by Naomi Mendez – cosmetologist, informing about modern laser that is used for skin problems removal. The article is based on data from laser acne treatment clinic.

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