Adapting to the Changes in the Medical Travel Industry

Satori World Medical may be new in the healthcare industry but it surely does not make juvenile mistakes. Started in 2007 as a concept of seasoned and trusted healthcare executive, Steven Lash, the company has continually expanded and developed ever since. During the first quarter of 2009, the company has already been sending patients to different countries to receive medical treatment. Low-cost healthcare service is the top priority of Steven Lash Satori. The company ensures its clients that they have easy access to inexpensive yet reliable medical treatment outside the U.S. soil. Because of this, the company has been considered as one of the driving and helping force in curbing problems brought about by high healthcare cost in the country.

Satori World Medical is known for providing top quality medical travel services to diverse client pool. According to the company’s website, clients include “self-funded employers, health plans, unions, trusts, municipalities, Third Party Administrators, benefit brokers and consultants.” This only proves that the services of the company easily benefit many types of American employees, plan sponsors, and employers all at the same time. The diverse target market of the company makes it a cut above the rest.

Another key advantage of the company to other medical travel firms is that it offers a unique program called ‘Health and Shared Wealth.’ This program allows employers and plan sponsors that “allows the patient and plan sponsor to share in the financial benefit of global healthcare. When a patient selects Satori for their surgical procedure, our program offers several methods for the patient to share the savings with the plan sponsor,” according to the company’s website. It added that the company also offers variety of options to patients. “This means that for a patient who elects to have their procedure arranged through Satori, the patient will not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses, i.e. deductibles, copays and coinsurance.” These offerings of the company surely provide many benefits to patients, plan sponsors, and employers the power to choose for their own medical travel experience – all of these without worrying about the cost of healthcare services that will be retained.

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