Bariatric Surgery Center Offers Surgical Solutions For Obesity

People who are severely obese have frequently tried many diet options, but these have been completely unsuccessful, or the weight quickly returns. Weight management can be challenging, and when other methods have failed, a bariatric surgery center may offer the best hope for obese people. Gastric bypasses and lap band surgeries give many individuals new hope for successful weight control. A multidisciplinary approach treats the underlying causes of weight gain, and tailors a program of nutrition and exercise that makes surgical alternatives enjoy a very high success rate. Over 95 percent of weight-loss surgical patients enjoy an increased quality of life.

Barix Clinics® has supported comprehensive treatment for obese patients for over 20 years, following the guidelines established by the National Institute for Health in 1992. Surgery alone is not totally effective for treating obesity, but when combined with counseling, guidance, and post-operative support, surgery can have a tremendous impact on sustainable weight management. Barix Clinics® offer comprehensive approaches that include individually tailored nutrition and exercise programs, a family-like, caring atmosphere, and support services after surgery that make their success rate among the highest in the industry. The company’s reputation is so sound that other surgical centers often refer patients to Barix Clinics® for support after surgeries. A bariatric surgery center can offer tremendous hope for people who have been unable to shed weight by other methods.

The key to successful weight management is education and establishing sustainable eating and exercising goals for a healthier lifestyle. Surgery helps enable a new paradigm that makes lifestyle changes easer to implement. Counseling and support help decrease the recidivism rate in bariatric surgery center patients, and Barix Clinics® treat all patients like family members. The clinics are spotless, efficient medical facilities that incorporate special designs for overweight patients. Furnishings are designed to accommodate larger people comfortably; showers and bathrooms provide plenty of room. These clinics are designed to provide the comfort that overweight patients seldom receive from general public facilities, making surgical treatment a much more attractive option. Interested individuals can access further information at

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