Breast implants- what you need to know

Breast implants are inserted into the body through a breast implant surgery. These implants constitute the material implanted into your body to either increase your breast size or to replace any breast tissue that is lost because of an accident or breast cancer surgery. It is commonly used in reconstructive surgery after breast removal mainly because of cancer and in cosmetic surgery which is performed to increase breast size.

Types and sizes of implants

Silicone implants are filled with gel made of either silicone or saline. Saline is a salt water solution which can be safely used on women aged 18 years and more. These implants range in size, varying from 125 to 1200cc in size.

It is left to the patient to decide on the size of the implant required for the breast implant surgery. However as the chest skin and muscles can accommodate only minimal stretching and the woman’s chest size is fixed, it can limit the choice of the size of the breast implant.

First consultation

It is during the first consultation that your surgeon decides if breast implants are meant for you or not. The decision is made based on various factors which includes including medical issues and if the surgery thinks if the surgery is required.

If the surgeon thinks breast implants are necessary and can be safely implanted, the consultation continues into discussions about the surgery’s recovery time, cost, procedure, surgery preparation, possible outcomes and any possible complications.


The cost of a breast implant surgery depends on various factors like the location of the surgery, hospital fees, doctor fees and other extra fees. Insurance may not cover these expenses if the surgery is undergone only for cosmetic purposes.

However if the implants are being inserted as part of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer surgery, then there is a high chance that your insurance company may cover some or all of your expenses.

Possible risks

Breast implant surgery is similar to any other surgery, and may lead to risks and complications that arise because of anaesthesia or the operation. In fact, some of these complications may be life threatening too.

There is a chance of the implants leaking or bursting. This is not that dangerous nowadays as the silicone used in the implants is not as dangerous as the silicone used in old implants and the saline that leaks out of implants is harmlessly absorbed by the body. The only risk and complication here is that the replacement of the implant may require an additional surgical procedure.

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