Case Study: My Experience With Instructors

Virtues of a Good Driving Instructor The first thing to remember when looking for a driving instructor is that by paying less, you only end up getting less. Nonetheless there are some factors one should consider before hiring a driving instructor. You should be able to count on the instructor you are hiring. A good instructor should be able to come to work early enough. He should also be in an efficient vehicle and sober enough to provide you the lessons you need. The ability to provide you with complete lessons is very important. The punctuality is the key to realize this. It can difficult dealing with a person who is always late.
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Your instructor should also be someone who sticks to his words. He ought not to be someone who keeps changing his mind. This will provide you enough time for your course and of course create a good rapport between the two of you. He should also be able correct and also congratulate you the areas you are doing well without fear or favor.
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A good driving instructor should be a diplomat. He should be ready to offer you lessons without much misunderstanding between the two of you. This will increase your understanding of new things and make you feel at home. An instructor should practice flexibility in lesson provision. This very crucial when you are old. This provides the opportunity to learn new ideas together. Your instructor should also demonstrate self-control in their dealings. They should not be boastful. This can be of the great disadvantage since it makes you feel uneasy hence time wastage. An instructor should be professional in their work. They should be able to able to deliver to the best of their ability. They need to be ready to offer you lessons since after all, you have paid for them. Your instructor should be able to show restraint. You should not bother much concerning the difference of the opinion you hold which is determined by your age difference. You only need to appreciate each other’s opinion no matter the age. An instructor should be someone who can be trusted. There always rises the need to save some money, so you will decide to pay for your lessons in advance. You should be assured of lesson delivery once payment is made. A qualified instructor should not lower your morale. A lesson provider should practice patience in their work. One should in such a case go to an instructor who is ready to listen and who doesn’t get angry easily.

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