Determining the Right Over-The-Counter Asthma Treatment

Over the counter asthma treatment
Over the counter asthma treatment

Over the counter asthma treatment is so helpful when we are running out of our prescription asthma drug or inhaler and we have no time to ask prescription to our doctor. Since there are also so many generic asthma drug available, then we can also save money for asthma drug. However, we have to be very smart when choosing for over the counter asthma drugs. The first thing we have to do when before buying the drug is determining if our asthma is mild enough, so it can be sure by over the counter asthma drugs.

Second, there are two asthma over-the-counter treatment ingredients we can choose: ephedrine and epinephrine. The ingredients are contained in asthma pills and inhaler, so it had better for us to learn more about the ingredients before choosing one. Epinephrine is contained in inhalers, while ephedrine is contained in oral medication. When it comes to ingredients, then we have to make sure to avoid over the counter asthma treatment that contains sulfite and alcohol.

Third, we have to determine the symptom of our asthma because some people might have fast and sudden attack and some other have slow attack. If we often have fast and sudden attack, then we are highly recommended to take inhaler because the treatment works so fast. Fourth, we have to compare the brands. It will be very helpful if we ask our doctor on the recommended brand. Another way to find the right brand is learning the over the counter asthma treatment quality, customer testimonial and reputation of the brands.

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