Dr. Nir Hus – A Multi-Talented Personality

Generally, most of the people specialize in a single field. Very few among them show interest in more than one or two fields. One such great personalities Dr. Nir Hus holds two US patents, has done research in about 5 different areas and has published numerous papers varying across different disciplines of study.

His achievements in different fields

He has achieved degrees in two popular subjects namely science and information technology. Gaining the success at the beginning of the career sounds impossible for a normal individual, but Dr. Nir Hus has made this possible. This famous personality is an entrepreneur, researcher, successful doctor and academician.

He has been involved in different fields including molecular biology, critical and trauma care, biotechnology, marine biology, bioinformatics, surgery, computer science, biochemistry and so on. He has managed to contribute precious years of life in all of the above mentioned fields.

His desire for higher studies

He started his academic career by achieving a BS degree in Biology in the year 1995. To pursue his education further, he enrolled himself for MD and PhD degree program. He was able to complete the course by the end of 2005. In the meanwhile, he established an information technology firm, ATCG or Advanced Technologies Consulting Group.

It is a database management company that aims to provide good healthcare to the needy. He has gained certain certifications in Microsoft. These qualifications have helped him to run ATCG very well.

Dr. Nir’s research on different topics

Since the beginning, he has the ability to manage multiple tasks at a time. Once he gained the PhD degree, he was able to earn research publications on Gynecological oncology and several other topics.

Nir Hus performed a research on Bacterial Peptidases and proteins after achieving the MD degree. While studying at theMiamiUniversity, he has received a grant from the American Medical Association due to his hard work and determination.

How is he helping the poor?

His two patents namely Xcisor, a DNA extracting tool and non- invasive billiary tree fluoroscopy are another example of his sincerity and determination. He aimed to reduce the pain and sufferings experienced by the people and provide them a healthy life ahead. Due to this reason, he pursued his career as a Trauma care specialist. His country and the whole world are proud to have a Humanitarian like Dr. Hus.

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