Dr. Nir Hus the Brain behind NOTES

A resident of Miami for quite some time, Nir Hus, MD, got his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Marine Science at the Miami University. After this he entered into a joint program of Ph.D. /M.D. at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. His most recent attempt, a single-year fellowship in the vital care at the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, permitted Nir Hus, Ph.D., To further sharpen his sub-specialty in the shock surgical process.

Dr. Nir Hus has also worked out to discover one of the least invasive techniques to perform surgery within the region of the abdominal cavity. The surgical process is known as NOTES or Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery.

The procedure engages attaining a surgical objective via one or more than one normal openings rather than by an abdominal slit. Surgical incisions can generate a lot of operative threats, setting out from injury contagions to hernias to post surgical pain. Since NOTES belittles or amends those troubles, it has been hugged by some technically sophisticated surgeons and the investigate group of people. It might soon set off a most important swing in the technique surgical operations are conducted.

Doctor Hus has completed two thesis and they are:

1.     YhbO and YajL proteases or chaperones, two novel members of the U46 family of bacterial peptidases.

2.     PenP, a novel member of the Small Multidrug Resistant family of proteins.

The professional Experience of the doctor is as follows:

SEFCAR Sub-Project Manager.  Development and deployment of embedded Linux for remote data acquisition and control for an autonomous unmanned submersible.

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Miami, Florida

Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

The publications of the doctor include one which he did with other renowned doctors and that is:

David Dweck, Nir Hus, and James. D. Potter.  Challenging Current Paradigms Related to Cardiomyopathies: ARE CHANGES IN THE Ca2+ SENSITIVITY OF MYOFILAMENTS CONTAINING CARDIAC TROPONIN C MUTATIONS (G159D AND L29Q) GOOD PREDICTORS OF THE PHENOTYPIC OUTCOMES?   J. Biol. Chem., November 28, 2008; 283 (48): 33119 – 33128.

Dr. Nir Hus obtained guidance in quite a lot of and kinds of plainly invasive surgical procedures and this includes the NOTES, as a tenant. He most lately held a spot as a Fellow in Trauma and Critical Care Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The research experience of the doctor includes the cervical cancer chart follow-ups comparing clinical outcomes of primary lesions.



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