Eating Different Foods to Lose Weight

When I was a chubby kid, my mom fed my celery as a snack nearly every day. She told me that I actually lose weight when eating it because it took more calories to chew it than I was consuming. Well, that did not help me lose the weight I needed to lose. I carried those extra pounds into adulthood, and one day I finally decided to find out if there really are foods to help lose weight like the celery tale my mom always told me. I was able to find a website that had a list of different types of foods that actually do help a person lose weight.

The best part is, these were all foods that I actually liked already. The problem with the celery is that it just had a very bland taste to me. If I added peanut butter or ranch dressing, it tasted much better, but I was also adding hundreds of calories to my snack then. With the foods that I found on this website, I knew that I would be able to eat them without having to doctor up the tastes at all like I did with the celery.

Some of the foods listed are nuts, chicken breast, mushrooms, eggs, and so many more. For example, a boiled egg after I exercise makes me feel alert and full of energy, but it does so much more too. It keeps me feeling full, so I don’t find myself snacking between meals like I used to do. I also thought that nuts were high in calories, but that is only if they are eaten in excess. Having a small portion now and again is actually very healthy and can lead to weight loss because of the fibers, healthy fats and protein found in them. Using this list of foods helped me get on the right track again, and I was able to lose the weight that I needed to lose.

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