Flow Your Way to Health – Making Effortless Life Style Changes


While most articles on the Internet focus on dieting and exercise to increase your health, today you’re going to read about a different approach. This is not to say that regular exercise and eating healthy meals is not important. They are very important aspects of a total life style change. But the most important key to keeping permanent changes in health is hardly ever acknowledged.

The Most Important Key to Healthy Life Styles

People who run 3 miles a day and who eat nothing but healthy foods for years find pleasure in these activities. Have you ever noticed how the average aerobics instructor is always upbeat and excited about working out and eating healthy? Their reasons for working out and eating right go far beyond the physical results. You can feel their passion. This is an inner state that enables those people to continue their activities on a permanent basis.
They’ve found a way to make things pleasurable.

This is the key that you will want to work with when making your changes in health. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of “Flow” The Psychology of Optimal Experience” and “Flow Classic Work How to Achieve Happiness” provides a formula for experiencing “flow”. “Flow” or being in “the zone”, is an altered state of consciousness that is highly focused, but also deeply relaxed. If you’ve ever been engrossed in your favorite activity, such as drawing, or a book, and lost track of time, then you have probably been in the “flow”. It is being so deeply involved in the moment and in the process that you no longer cared about the actual result.

This is the key to making your work outs more pleasurable. If going to a gym and running on a treadmill is boring, make your exercise fun. If you have children, take them to the park and play ball with them. They will quickly show you up if you haven’t been working out much. You could also take your dogs for regular walks, thereby helping you to stay active. Also, you can turn on your favorite songs and just begin to dance in your own way to it. After a handful of songs, a half hour may have already passed and you’ve gotten in a great work out!

In conclusion, it’s not just enough to simply eat a healthy and balanced meal and work out. You want to focus on the process or the journey more so than the actual result. Think about it, once you reach your fitness goal, there will always be something else that you wish you could have. Maybe you will see someone else who can run faster, lift more weights, has a tighter body; there will always be something new that you’ll want. Instead, by focusing on the process, and getting into the “flow” more and more, you will gain a very deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from the actual patterns of behavior that contribute to a healthy life style. If you can involve your friends or family to join you, your “flow” will take on a whole new level.

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