Is Abdominoplasty a Shortcut for Six Pack Abs?

Whether we are men or women, getting a sexy flat six pack abs is definitely a dream. There are people who have to deal with fat on the belly that keeps them away from six pack abs. These people have double duties. They have to remove the fat on the belly, so the abs becomes flat and after that, they have to workout to build the muscles. To make a shortcut, some people are using abdominoplasty or cosmetic surgery to remove the fat on their belly, so after the recovery, they can start to exercise to get six pack abs. Well, unfortunately, this is not a good shortcut. Using abdominoplasty to flatten the abs, then doing high impact workout is not recommended, moreover if high impact workout is done right after the surgery.

It takes a long time for abdominoplasty surgery recovery. After the surgery the patient should take a long rest, they are not even allowed to lift lightweight stuff. About four days after the surgery, patient is allowed to walk, but he is not allowed to walk in long distance or do speed walk. Six weeks after the surgery, patient is still not allowed to do exercise like biking, running swimming, and some other sport. Not only that, patient is not recommended to lift any stuff heavier than 5 lbs.

Exercise for abdominal area is not recommended for people who have abdominoplasty. Some of the risks of exercise after abdominoplasty are bleeding, infections, bruising, swelling and fever. Someone who has abdominoplasty should make a consultation with the doctor even if she only wants to do light exercise like biking, so workout on abdominal area to get six pack abs seems to be an impossible thing. Therefore, if we are thinking that abdominoplasty is the shortcut to get sexy six pack abs, then it is such a wrong perception. On the other side, we might have to burry our dream from quite a long time. Make sure to learn more about Tummy tuck information before we have the surgery for specific purpose.

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