Liposuction Tourism in the Philippines

Fat removal is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery, and surveys suggest that more than half of all young people would have this type of operation if they thought it was necessary. This is a serious piece of surgery, but people are keen to follow in the steps of famous people who have had this operation. In many cases, US and UK citizens are looking to go abroad for their fat-removal surgeries, and for many, the offer of Philippines liposuction surgery is too cheap to resist. Going abroad to have this operation has become an increasingly viable way of affording plastic surgery.

Many people are now becoming aware that cosmetic surgery is a lot more cost-effective outside of the US and the UK, and they are also aware that good doctors in their area are not always easy to find. In the Philippines, liposuction tourism has become so popular that surgeons are performing more operations per day than in other countries. This means that the doctors are gaining a greater wealth of experience than their Western colleagues. This in turn means that the job is safer and quicker in their hands.

Another factor that influences why people choose Philippines liposuction tourism over home-based surgery is the opportunity to visit an exotic location, and recuperate in a holiday environment. Most understand that the main cost of the surgery will come in flights to and from the country, and so they take the opportunity to stay in the Philippines for longer, and recover on the beach, or in the lush rainforests. There are so many opportunities to have a real vacation in the Philippine Islands that people have decided to combine the two, and get the most out of the experience. This saves them money, and also allows them to be close to the surgeon while they are healing.

The fact of the matter is, that while people are travelling abroad to have tummy tucks and fat removal, the majority of the surgeons have already spent time abroad, and their knowledge is based upon Westernised medicine. Good tourists will always research the surgeon, and should be looking for details such as the qualifications, and where they were gained. Most professional cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines have also been accepted onto a board, such as the Philippines Plastic Surgeons Association, and other similar bodies. This means that they are more likely to be completely professional and able to explain exactly what the surgery will mean.

Fat removal is often an outpatient procedure, with patients able to leave their bed after the surgery. Usually, there is a 4-day period before they can return to work, and this is a good time to enjoy the scenery and beaches of the Philippines, either alone or with friends and family. Walking slowly is encouraged, although more strenuous activity needs to be curtailed for at least a week to 10 days, and there will also be some compression garments designed to encourage the flesh to reduce, all of which will affect the patient for the few weeks after surgery.

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