Liz Rehnke – The Difference That Matters

Liz RehnkeThe role of a woman in life may be seen as diverse as the country they live in. For some cultures, women need to be strong characters which juggle around the family and work duties. In other countries, they are seen as domestic figures that have to stick around the house and perform the daily chores and raise the children. However, there are few women who think more than that and realize that they can do more for the people around them. This implies the fact that involving in charity matters gives them all the satisfaction in the world. But from occasionally involving in feeding the poor to finding a mission field and convincing another to follow the dream of helping underdeveloped societies there is a long way to go. Many women will not even dream to do that on a regular basis as the effort is great and only mighty hearts are about to face all these things.

In front of all opposition from a cultural point of view, Liz Rehnke took the mission of her parents seriously. She has been around health missions and has seen people being helped without getting anything in return. It may be concluded that the influence of the family has been great as they have inspired a woman to take a chance at changing the world. She knows that there are so many problems that it would be virtually impossible to solve them all. But a problem solved means one issue down. A problem solved can give someone a chance in life and no one knows exactly the impact of their work in the future.

This is why Elizabeth Rehnke has partnered with missions and organizations from all over the world in order to focus on a series of people who are underprivileged. They will be the center of her life and gathering funds for these trips will make her want to do more. It will take a united effort in the evidence of people to make things work. Travelling to other countries with tons of medical supplies means a lot of logistical and legal problems. But all these can be conquered as soon as people realize that there is a genuine desire to help out. Her job is not simply convincing people to be kind and generous, but also coordinating all the funds in order to reach the right crowd of people. Making a difference that matters is her goal and until now she has succeeded pretty well.

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