Longer life with 10 health habits

In the era of globalization, a growing number of food patterns and habits that can become a threat to yourself, therefore, read the article about the 10 health habits below, for your health. if you run it correctly, then it is possible, you will have a longer life. for healthy living, do not have to spend lots of money, you do not need fitness every week, simply by doing a morning run every day, or at least 4 times a week, that’s enough to keep your heart strong.

The second path of the 10 health habits, can be reached by way of buying a disk (VCD and DVD) which contains the guidelines on exercising your own home, of course, this road will take you a little money, fatherly buy medical equipment. Next, you need routine to control your weight, if you feel your weight go up too drastically, cut back by diet, but it is recommended, so do not do extreme dieting. simply subtract the diet containing excessive fat. kosngkan refrigerator and your dining table, of food that could threaten your body (or at least reduced), usually foods that contain too much fat content, replace the food with protein (cheese, bread, etc.), and do not forget to put fresh fruit ( Preferred vitamin C).

Next, learn about portion sizes that are fitted to the body, it can be obtained from health books, or consulting directly with the doctor concerned. 10 These health habits not only for the body only, but also cares for the health of your bones, your bones are very important to sustain the body strong. if your body is fit, but your bone loss, just the same, you will collapse. to keep the bones in order to stay healthy, try the consumption of yoghurt and green vegetables regularly. drink between 6-8 glasses of water each day, it will be useful to avoid the dehydration that often occurs in the dry season. brain also requires a change, for it then asahlah your brain, with crossword puzzles, play strategy games (not too long).
That’s 10 health habits, which may be can you live from your home, and do not need to spend lots of money.

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