Medical products packaging testing

The need for package testing of medical products is essential. Without this service, it would not be possible to transport many dangerous products. Medical products packaging testing is required to ensure the packaging is safe. It must hold up to the rigors of being transported without leaking or becoming unsealed. There are a number of tests performed before the packing is used so companies that need these products are assured of their quality.

What Type of Testing is Performed?

Some of the testing includes the seal strength of the package. Other tests are performed using extreme temperatures and humidity. This is necessary because medical products are shipped all over the world and the temperatures are going to vary. Another way the packaging is tested is by simulating what it may experience while being shipped. From dropping the package to testing puncture-resistance and vibration from transporting in a vehicle, there are all types of tests that the packaging must pass before it can be used.

Prior to the 1980s, testing of medical products packaging was basically a visual inspection. The packaging was not considered to be as of much importance as what it contained. Certain incidents, such as the failure of the product led to the belief this was caused by the packaging. This is why testing the packaging for medical products is vital to ensuring that packages are delivered with products intact. This is essential to the health of the the recipient of the package as well as those who are responsible for delivering the packages.

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