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How Painkillers Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

Painkillers are highly available and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get some when you need. In fact, you can buy more and keep it in your home and use it just in case you experience some pains. Most people never think that these pain killers could be dangerous to their health just as some other hard drugs. They are even referred to as safe medicines. It is important to know that painkillers can harmful to your health under some conditions. If you consume the painkillers under such scenarios, then, you will be endangering your health. The painkillers are very effective in soothing pains, aches and discomfort. There some pain killers that are addictive and can lead to more several side effects. Just before you dash out and come with some painkillers, learn this so that you can use the painkillers only when necessary.
Some of the painkillers are known as nonsteroidals and are abbreviated as NSAIDS. They include Advil, Motrin, Celebrex, voltage and others. They help to relieve pain, fever and inflammation. Even they achieve such good goals, they have potential side effects. Patients who used the painkillers were 50% more likely to get heart attacks than those who do not use them. Ranked from the most risky drug, diclofenac was the highest and was followed by ibuprofen. In most case, people will take the NSAIDS to relieve pain caused by sports injuries, arthritic, micro aches and pains. A study was conducted that showed use of the NSAIDS triggers production of platelets that caused restriction of blood flow in the arteries. When you use these drugs for long times, you can damage the stomach lining or even face gastric inflammation.

Another category of problematic painkillers are the opioid painkillers. These are strong painkillers which include vicodin, oxycodone, morphine and tramadol. Most of the times, they are prescribed for chronic pain and back pain. Even if the opioids are effective in treating this condition, they can pose different health risks. One of the dangers of the opioids is addiction. They tend to addict the users and the user will need more of the opioid to relief the pain. In the long term, use of the pain killer will not help and the user can experience more pains.

In case you have to use the opioids, it is advisable that you don’t access executive use of the drugs for more than a week. Continued use can result in respiratory failure and death. It is important that you seek help in case you realize that you have been taking opioids for too long. In stead, you can take other forms of relief such as stretching exercise and physiotherapy

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