The benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records

You have probably heard the information reports regarding the U.S. Olympic team making the transition to electronic medical records for that upcoming games. Previously, they have sent boxes and boxes of paper records along with the team, including a huge trouble in terms of transportation and to doctors who’ve to look through them to locate a specific file. Electronic medical records completely eliminate these problems. Numerous medical offices throughout the country are following suit and switching their paper records to electronic form. There are lots of advantages of electronic medical records, for each the Olympic team as well as for medical offices big and little. Learn more concerning the benefits of electronic medical records and see if they’re befitting your own practice!

Quality of Care

Each time you see a patient, you need to take a look at his / her medical history. If all of the files are stored in a large warehouse, finding that one file could take hours! Electronic medical records are instant — just search for the patient’s name and the file pops right up. No waiting, no searching, no wasted time. This really is especially critical during an urgent situation. If a patient has been in an incident and needs immediate surgery to survive, you do not have time to go through boxes to find his / her document to discover more on drug allergies. Electronic medical records make this possible and can avoid unfortunate mistakes and additional suffering for the patient.

Space for storage

Another one of the benefits of electronic medical records is extra space. In case your practice is renting a warehouse to store all your records or even if you simply possess a room set aside, it can be a waste of space and money. Storage facilities are not inexpensive — that is money you could use to hire somebody new, update your facility, and more. Not to mention another room could mean space for more patients or new equipment. In the highly — competitive medical field, you cannot pay for wasted money or space. Whilst going digital could be a higher price initially, but when you think about how much you will save over time by utilizing them, they could be an excellent investment.

Coding Speed

Medical record coding takes time, although it’s a necessity in any health care organization. Coding on paper takes even more time — from finding the file, to locating the appropriate section to fill out, and so on. Electronic medical records make every thing quicker and more organized. The whole patient’s history is right there, so the coder can rapidly complete the job and move on. Not just that, the doctor’s handwriting could be hard to read — this is really a frequent cause of coding mistakes. With digital records, every thing is typed so the coder will possess no difficulty reading notes. This means better care for the sufferers and fewer lost dollars because of wrong coding.

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