The uses of umbilical cord blood donation

The umbilical cord is basically the cord which connects the mother with her baby when the baby grows in the womb. Many women can donate their placenta and umbilical cord after the delivery of their baby. The blood from these is collected and frozen in banks so that they can be used in several treatments by the family or by other people too. Cord blood is known to have good totipotency due to concentrated amounts of HSC in them. The cord blood just has to be a partial match. Finding a match for a patient is thus not difficult.

  • How are these cord blood cells used in treatments?

There are many befits of using cord blood for treatments of central nervous system disorder, injuries and chronic wounds, diabetes in children and even in order to reconstruct or heal cardiovascular tissues. Many cases have been handled where such regenerative medicine has been used to cure blindness and deafness in patients. The future of regenerative medicine seems very promising through cord blood.

  • Should you donate cord blood?

Umbilical cord blood is donated by the mother at the hospital and later the blood is transported to the banks for long term storage. If your family has a history of diseases like leukemia, cancer, diabetes, etc. You can use the donated blood cells to help you or any of your family members in the future in case such diseases occur. Just make sure that the donation is done at a reputed centre with reliable customer service history.

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