Vitamin C: It Contains Some Important Benefits

Important for us to always keep the body from the attacks of disease or virus, anti-immune body is needed, in addition, you can also strengthen your body’s resistance with the support of some vitamins, one of which is vitamin C.

you may think, that vitamin C is a trivial thing, you are wrong! according to studies, vitamin C could serve as a remedy for several diseases. read the text below, to find out more about usability and the role of vitamin C.

1.increasing immunity: vitamin C, can increase the immunity of your body, it is advisable to consume more vitamin C, in the transition seasons. because at that season, usually bacteria mikroorganik easily enter into the body’s immune system.
2.aktioksidan: as well as contributors to the immune, Vitamin C was also able to as aktioksidan, with the function, it is enough to help prevent the cancer into the organs of your body.
3.prevent Cardiovascular Disease: Vitamin C has been shown to facilitate metabolism of fat, in turn, prevents the buildup of cholesterol and other substances in and around the arteries. This method prevents blocking of blood vessels and decrease the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.
4. helps reduce blood coming out of the wound: this vitamin, also help to form an organic tissue called collagen serves to prevent the intensity of the red blood that comes out at the time of laceration.

Therefore, do not underestimate the function of vitamin C, you’ve read it? the importance of vitamin C to our body, from now on, adjust your time, to regularly consume vitamin C, the easiest, obtained from citrus fruits.

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