What You Should Know About Panels This Year

Tapping into the Sun’s Renewable Energy If you are thinking of an energy source that is powerful enough to supply energy for a long period, then the sun is the most powerful of all energy sources. The sun’s rays is capable of around 1,000kWh per square meter. It is the best source of renewable energy because it never dies out. Other sources of energy damage the earth by causing pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. As responsible people, we need to learn to use environment-friendly sources of energy in order to preserve our home planet. With solar power, light energy from the sun is harvested to produce electricity using photo-voltaic (PV) panels. A solar inverter system will convert the small direct current voltage output of the solar system to produce electricity that can sustain 240 volts. This is enough power to partially supply the electricity needs of a building. You can get around 2kWp on a PV panel at peak performance. The power output from a PV panel can partially supply the needs of a household. During summer, when there is longer sunlight, solar panels can supply a larger amount of electricity. There are three types of panels: Mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and thin-film amorphous silicon panels. The efficiency in which energy from the sun is harvested depends on the type of system you use. Of the three types, mono-crystalline is the most efficient in harvesting energy at 15% of its potential, while silicon is the least efficient harvesting only 7%.
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One thing to remember though it that installing solar systems might require approval from local authorities. Hiring an experiences technician to install your solar system will certainly benefit you in the long run, especially if you have no experience in solar systems. Properly installed solar panels will last more than 20 years with only an occasional cleaning.
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Solar panels have a long payback period, and it takes a very long time to recover the cost of the entire solar system. Solar power systems in India often do not produce electricity in excess that can be sold for profit. Heating water panels are another way to generate renewable energy from the sun. Hot water is produced by harvesting the heat energy from sunlight and using it to conduct heat to the water. Hot water can be supplied by this system to offices and households. There are two types of solar systems available: Flat plates and evacuated tubes. Evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat plates, and are more expensive. But despite the difference in the two systems, both deliver hot water by pumping the heated water into hot water tanks. Flat panels have a 10-year shorter life span than evacuated tubes. It is best to ask your solar panel supplier what size will best suit your household needs.

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